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The Likes is a versatile band, on a solid rock & roll foundation of  drum, bass and guitar. The formula is simple: play it if you like it!

This leads to a lot of uncompromisable, straight on, plain old music from the 60's, and a scarce selection of contemporary songs that nearly made it to the list. Because, let's face it, they aint write songs like they used to.

Aside from reviving the early days gems, The Likes is proudly forwarding the sounds of their predecessors in catchy upbeat songs with an unpretentious attitude. Songs in which it once again all comes down to one thing:
play it if you like it!

The Band

A short notice

As far as  the iconic puppet Animal can be attached to my drumming skills, I couldn't agree more. Passion before perfection, that's what it's all about!

The resonating sound of a well crafted guitar should not only be heard, but it should be felt as well. They didn't invent the amplifier for nothing, did they?

This bass is made for walking! And that's what it will do. One of these days this bass is gonna walk all over you.



The Beatles

Do we need another Beatles band? No, but hey, why not play something that's fabulous? Don't expect a copy cat; it's just fun for everyone.


...and more

We play whatever we Like :-)


The Likes

Needless to say, The Likes produces a signature sound. On a fertile soil of steady drums, rolling bass and strumming guitar, new fresh songs come to life.  No bullshit added!


Wanna hear us play? Come and see!


We don't believe in managers or booking agencies.
Direct bookings are for the benefits of everyone!
Except, evidently,  for managers and bookers :-)

If you want to contact us with a specific question or remark, or you want to book The Likes, don't hesitate and fill in the form. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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